Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stepping into the realms of writing and compiling a cookbook

The Bow-Wow Bowl and Delish Doggie Dishes. A recipe book for cookies, cakes, and special needs meals.

When the idea first strikes it seems a grey’t* notion: what a wonderful fund-raiser it will be. Dog-lovers around the world can send in their favourite recipe to be published. Yours truly will put it all together. Donated artwork for the cover and smiling vignette images inside will make the publication a joy. Sales can result in much needed funds for local greyhound rescue. Can anything be simpler?

As someone who had a career in project planning/management and critical path analysis, I know there’s a whole lot more to this than meets the eye. Gathering in the recipes is easy part.

The call for submissions is out now. In the public domain. Circulated among friends, social networking groups, writing groups, pet stores et al.  And at the end of this blog.

The deadline for submissions is July 1st, or sooner if the pile grows at a rapid rate. Liabilities and disclaimers are being considered. Methods of production are now identified, both for print and e-book editions.  Launches will centre around gatherings of local greyhound groups, plus an internet launch.

Upfront funding for the first print run remains a question on the table. Consideration for approaching sponsors or advertisers seems a good way to go. Organic meat and veggie producers, doggie groomers, doggie owners with local businesses, the list is endless. Once published their information will be with the book ad infinitum. A steal of a deal.

But what was I thinking? Will this consume me? Will it take me away from my own creative pursuits? I hope not. But it is doing right now and I have to make myself put on my planning hat and set aside times (and those times only) to give this the commitment it deserves. 

I hope that once done, this will become a teeny-weeny bit of a legacy, something I will leave in my life’s dust trail.  But for now, it’s time to get those dog leashes out and walk down to the point.

*grey't - greyhound family derivation of the word 'great'

Call for submissions. Doggie Cookbook.

Deadline July 1st 2013, or sooner. Submissions are already flooding in, so we may close this earlier if we have a good selection.

Do you have a favourite recipe you make for your dog(s)? Would you like to share it for a grey’t cause?

Title of book: The Bow-Wow Bowl and Delish Doggie Dishes
Possible subtitle: (cookies, cakes and a few things more)

Submit your recipes to along with a photo or two (one of the dish and one of your doggie maybe) and the recipe.  Put ‘bow-wow recipe’ in the subject line.

The format for the recipe should be as follows:

Name of cookie/cake/dish etc:
Preparation time:
Oven setting and tools needed:
Nutritional values:

To establish nutritional values this website is fairly good - this link, for instance takes you to the table for boiled pumpkin:

A simple way to add the information to the bottom of your recipe is as follows:  1 serving (it is up to you to explain what one serving is) calories, fat (saturated, tran cholestrol, sodium, carbs dietary fibre and sugars), protein. You can also add the vitamin etc content also available from the nutrition site which would be especially useful for the special needs recipe. (I fthis is a problem for you, just call on us for help).

It is intended that the book will include sections for dogs with special needs e.g. diabetic, obesity, kidney problems etc. We are looking, in the main, for homemade cookies and celebration cakes, not meals as such, but if you have a favourite dish and would like to share, feel free to send it in.

You will get credit for your recipe at the bottom of your page(s). There is no payment plan in place for contributors at the present time, just know that the proceeds will got to a good cause and you have been part of it. Of course you will also have the kudos of being a published recipe contributor. It is planned that contributors will receive a free pdf copy of the book.

Please include a short (one sentence) personal bio if you like, ref your website or blog or company.  We also need you to include your permission to use your recipe for this purpose and this purpose only.

Proceeds of sales will go to GPAC (Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada).