Friday, June 24, 2016

A Turn Up for the Books

Well how about that then?  Longlisted for the prestigious Bath Flash Fiction Award with my 300-worder, Tonight's the Night. I'm over the moon and although my funny little tale set in the 50s didn't make it to the short list - it was at least up there in the most fabulous international company.  And it will be published in the BFFA Anthology at the end of this year. So I'm happy. Deliriously so. Here are the winners - and well deserved indeed: winners

I'm not letting the grass grow though. Another coup with one of my illustrations. It has been accepted to illustrate the Ad Hoc story Lights Out by Sian Brighal. Here is my illustration:

I'm pretty chuffed to say the least. Wouldn't you be? If you want to pop on over to look at the story with the illustration first check out my story Not Mimi, ( on page 20 - I think - if you like it please vote - then drop over onto the winners page and scroll down to mid May for the Lights Out story with my (hopefully) intriguing illustration. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ad Hoc Fiction

Each week Ad Hoc Fiction - run by Bath Flash Fiction Award - posts a prompt word. They throw down the challenge to write a 150 word story that includes the prompt in some way.

For 21 consecutive weeks I have taken the challenge and now have quite the collection. You can read the e-book for free for 7 days - then at midnight UK time on a Tuesday it disappears and the next week's book is posted along with a new prompt.

It's all good stuff and really good for 'those little grey cells'. It is also loads of fun.  If ever you need to know which page my story is on - give me a holler and then you can vote for it if you like it. Find this week's issue here - I am on page 12. The title: Choice.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Tingling fingers and overactive brain

The 2016 Collection  -  the Garden of Eden

There has been a flurry of activity in this Borgersen brain of late.  Submissions of writings are going out at a rapid rate of knots on the old adage that 'you've gotta be innitt ta winnitt.'

Successes are beginning to trickle in with a royalties offer from Centum Press. A weekly 150 word submission to Ad Hoc for their e-books is materialising in acceptance and an ever growing pile of 150 word nutshell stories for me to dispose of elsewhere later. You can read the current issue here: Ad Hoc flash fiction weekly e-book

In the past three years ArtAscent has taken my work on 7 occasions. The current issue carries my short story Girl in a Green Dress - on page 80 I think. It is a superb but expensive publication, luxurious in print - but pretty swish online too.

The motivation has come from the wonderful support of the members of Writers Abroad - without that support I probably would have still been living with self doubt.

And now the fingers have been tingling to get the silver clay out. And voila - we have a new collection in fine silver 'The Garden of Eden'.  I'm pretty chuffed that the entire session is 100% successful. With the price of silver clay escalating at a rate of knots (isn't that where I started with this brief blog entry?) - it could be some time before I get my fingers mucky again. Ho hum.