Monday, September 26, 2016

Meeting the Fans

What an absolute delight it was this weekend to meet the people who enjoy my work. The annual craft fair at The Seaside Centre in Beach Meadows turned out to be a real tonic. True, I didn't sit down all weekend. True, my cheese sandwich curled at the edges as I didn't get to that until mid afternoon. But it was worth it.

Many people were able to take home a piece of my hand formed silver and bronze from the Scintilla collection. It was good to meet you all.  It was also incredible to be able to share work from the new, and as yet, incomplete collection Garden of Eden.

Then of course there was the fun experimental work with paper bead earrings. Not the best photo, but it gives you an idea.

So, thank you to all involved in organising this, the 23rd Annual Show - from where I stood it went like clockwork. Thank you to all my clients and those who stood back to admire the work that comes from my head and hands. 

And great big thanks to the talented painter Marg Millard who encouraged me to take part at short notice.  I am feeling overflowing with thanks.