Monday, June 10, 2013

National Flash Fiction Day June 22nd

My thanks to Chris Galvin for the reminder:
International Flash Fiction Day is around the corner, and one way to celebrate is to join FLASH MOB 2013, a blog carnival and competition. See the end of this post for more information. In celebration of Flash Fiction Day, here is my FLASH MOB contribution:

Little Gem by S.B. Borgersen
He’d been in too many bars to count. But found his way, as if on auto pilot, to the pub on the village green: The Little Gem.
The red-headed barmaid let the moth out of the jar saying, “oh you’re back are you? Wondered if you’d ever show up.”
A past flickered through his befuddled brain. He saw her swollen belly. Then he remembered.

Today is the deadline for submissions to FLASH MOB 2013, but if you're quick, you might still have time to flash. Check out the contest rules  for information on how to enter.
Flash fiction knows no geographical, genre, gender or other boundaries, and the panel of judges reflects this: Robert Vaughan (USA), Leah McMenamin (New Zealand), Marcus Speh (Germany) and Nuala Ni ChonchĂșir (Ireland).
The organizers, too, "represent various points on the globe, and work across timezones and font styles to bring this flash mob event to you. Christopher Allen does all that he does from Munich, Germany but edits for the daily literary ezine Metazen, which is actually run from Canada. Linda Simoni-Wastila resides in greater Baltimore, Maryland where she writes, professes, mothers, and gives a damn, and in her spare time serves as Senior Fiction Editor of JMWWMichelle Elvy comes to us from New Zealand as editor of Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction and Blue Five Notebook, though her latitude and longitude change daily these days." (FLASH MOB 2013 | About)