Friday, June 1, 2012

What is it about flags?

It is usual in this part of the world to see flags flying. From garden flagpoles to government buildings. Canada is a young country; it is also quietly very proud. The maple leaf forever and all that. No special occasion needed.
A couple of days ago a (large) package arrived from the UK. It is from an old (and elderly) friend, bless his heart. He sends many packages including newspaper cuttings (assuming we are cut off from global happenings). He also sends penguins in whatever shape of form the come - from chocolate wrappings to Beannie babies. A word of warning here - be hesitant in telling people about things you like - I mentioned ‘penguins’ once, just once - and I now have a collection of 35 of the little blighters! Plus anything at all to do with the RAF and WWII, bee-keeping, asthma, coin collecting and MS. So now you have a good idea of how much personal interest this old (and elderly) friend has gleaned from me over the years.
Back to the package.  It contains miles of bunting.  Well, not exactly miles - but metres of mini union jacks strung together as if destined for a car dealership sales lot. In addition there are red white and blue baseball hats and a plastic shopping bag with double sided union jacks. At the bottom of the package is a giant English flag - the cross of St. George.
So what’s a gal to do?  What’s this all for?  It is of course a big year in the UK to be patriotic and wave the flag. Our Queen (yes, she is Canada’s sovereign too) is celebrating her longevity on the throne and apparently half the world will celebrate with her.
So - the bunting is destined for our front picket fence this afternoon. We may allow our garden statuary to sport the hats - and the plastic shopping bag? Well it might go shopping, but it seems a perfect carrier for my gym paraphernalia. The cross of St. George however is another matter - it is too large for one person to wave. We may have to take down our maple leaf and run it up the flag pole.
I will also be very careful, in future, about what interests I divulge to friends, even old and elderly ones.

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