Monday, June 13, 2016

Tingling fingers and overactive brain

The 2016 Collection  -  the Garden of Eden

There has been a flurry of activity in this Borgersen brain of late.  Submissions of writings are going out at a rapid rate of knots on the old adage that 'you've gotta be innitt ta winnitt.'

Successes are beginning to trickle in with a royalties offer from Centum Press. A weekly 150 word submission to Ad Hoc for their e-books is materialising in acceptance and an ever growing pile of 150 word nutshell stories for me to dispose of elsewhere later. You can read the current issue here: Ad Hoc flash fiction weekly e-book

In the past three years ArtAscent has taken my work on 7 occasions. The current issue carries my short story Girl in a Green Dress - on page 80 I think. It is a superb but expensive publication, luxurious in print - but pretty swish online too.

The motivation has come from the wonderful support of the members of Writers Abroad - without that support I probably would have still been living with self doubt.

And now the fingers have been tingling to get the silver clay out. And voila - we have a new collection in fine silver 'The Garden of Eden'.  I'm pretty chuffed that the entire session is 100% successful. With the price of silver clay escalating at a rate of knots (isn't that where I started with this brief blog entry?) - it could be some time before I get my fingers mucky again. Ho hum.

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