Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In the Ascent

In the Ascent

It really feels like an ascent.  Still climbing, the clouds almost touchable, the view becoming quite extraordinary and still not out of breath.  It has been a busy year.

The arts and literary magazine ArtAscent appeared on the international scene early summer.  The theme, appropriately, emergence. I'd just written a story of the same title as part of my online writing group's weekly muse.  So I sent it in to ArtAscent. I was delighted when was accepted for publication. And then I was paid! More delight!

ArtAscent, a bimonthly journal carries no outside advertising, is a magazine with a classy feel and even classier look.  It is a keeper.  All contributors get their contact and web details published alongside their art or writing. The editorial staff are superb.  It is also timeless in a way; unlike other magazines, previous issues can be purchased.

So, having found myself in the very first issue, I was not to be daunted when the call for submissions was announced for the second and thought I'd give my photo art a chance. I toyed for hours with the images, using fancy software to manipulate them into something with clever messages etc. But in the end I felt they had to go off in their own honesty. The theme was Mother Earth. The photos were taken on the red sands shore of Prince Edward Island this May. Sent them in. Held my breath. Three images were accepted, two in the centre-fold and one finished up on the back cover of the mag.  The camera?  An old Nikon Coolpix I won in a draw in 2007!

Issue # three's call for submissions left me pondering. Figures was the theme, as many of you know I have a mountain of life drawings going back over 20 years. Should I send a couple? Give my 2D art a chance?  In the end I wrote about my mother and her sequence dancing. I stumbled over of the details and technicalities of the dance form. I emailed the draft manuscript to Mum. She reviewed it, made suggestions and emailed it back. She will have her 90th birthday in December. The story was accepted. It is called The Sequence Dance. I have never been more thrilled. It is her success too.

So, still in the ascent I am now fitted with all the climbing gear I could possibly need to reach my goal - it's called confidence and courage of my own convictions. For that gift I thank ArtAscent.

Issue #1 June 2013
Issue #2 August 2013
Issue #3 October 2013

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