Saturday, November 2, 2013

National Novel Writing Month Has Lured me Yet Again.

You could ask "why in the hell are you doing it again this year? After all, what happened to the previous six?"

Well then I'll tell ya - the other six, along with 3 x 3DNs,  kick around in their flashy, specially purchased binders. I know they are there and I also know that, like Mozart when he composed a new sonata, I must (hypothetically - or subconsciously) dip into those earlier draft novels for snips and snaps. They act like my memory bank.

Of course NaNo is not the marathon that 3DNC is. There you need to get the bugger done in 3 days. This one gives you 30. At current rate I'll be done in three weeks, that's good, because I do have a life too. That includes compiling a fundraising canine cookbook. And then there's the big birthday bash which is supposed to be a surprise.

But in addition to all of the benefits of taking part in this 270,000 (approximate) international group write-in, there is an indulgence in saying, "sorry, can't come to your something-or-other, I have another novel to write." There is also the feeling of getting-it-done-now because who-knows-what-tomorrow-will-bring.

So this time, as I approach my three score years and ten, this novel will have strong memoir elements. I haven't called it confessions of a Canine Cookbook Compiler for nothing. At day 3 it is already packed with previously untold stories, personal secrets, no real biggies - but things I've chosen to keep private. 'Til now.

I've been told I've had an interesting life, so I'm letting you in on some of it, before I launch myself to the next stage, because guys and gals, it ain't over 'til the buxom lady warbles.

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