Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2016 Resolutions Progress

It has been quite a year so far. I made a New Year's resolution in January (don't we all?) and promised myself I would keep up with submissions, at least one per month.  Here we are in May and I have far exceeded my resolve; submitting a minimum of one piece a week.

And with some success, I might add.  Stiff As Boards was accepted by Centum Press in April - a royalties deal no less. Yippee. The book's possible title is 100 Voices -  it will contain 100 stories from around the world - sounds logical - and I do like books with such international flavour. 2017 is the anticipated launch. Watch this space.

I have now had seventeen 150 word pieces longlisted by Ad Hoc each week.  Those certainly get the speed-writing side of the brain in gear, and are so much fun. here is a wee taster from a couple of weeks ago. It is called Lady in Red:

She wears Valentino red. Her model face shows no emotion. Except her unforgettable violet eyes scanning the room.

The air in the room hangs as she enters. The gabble-talk hum stops. She descends the wide staircase. Her black, elbow length, gloved hand snakes its way down the golden handrail like an elegant caterpillar. Her feet, unseen beneath folds of red silk, make no sound on the marble.

She crosses the hall to Jasper. All heads turn. 

She is at his side.

”Giselle,” he says. “You came.”

“Hush,” she says, arresting his single tear with a fingertip of her glove.

If you ever want to give it a whirl - here is the link - the e-book of long listers is only online for a week, then it is replaced by a fresh one for your reading pleasure.

Of course I have had the support and encouragement of the members of Writers Abroad - if you have never visited the site I invite you to do so.  From time to time I write the site blog and my next turn is May 30th and I am considering writing about my experience as a reader for the Annual Atlantic Writing Competition. I read the submissions for the poetry category and it certainly gave me an insight into the 'other side' of competitions. The responsibilty weighed quite heavily to begin with until I relaxed into it and enjoyed the wide range of work.

In other news, the black flies are out.  And here is a little song to help put you in the picture.

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