Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Bit of Nonsense

Letting Loose, a nonsense rhyme
S.B. Borgersen

Knit one purl one, said the rooster
Hoist the mainsail said the gun
Mines’s a vodka said the lobster
It’s a figment for your lace.
Said the fiddle, dig the garden
Said the flute, run the race
Said the oboe, you’re a nana
Blue is not upon your face.
Take the coat hanger round the corner
Take the lamppost for a drive
Put a penny in the banana
Peel the button human race
Jump upon the grassy blanket
Shake the dimples from your toes
Slap the puffballs and the hankies
Tie the noodles round your waist

April 12th 2011

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