Thursday, April 14, 2011

Title for my upcoming show in fine silver

You've no need to read the full post now,  we have decided on the following title:

Elemental Legacy, wearable art in fine silver

hope you like it!

ok, ok, I'm not normally stuck for words but I am  trying to come up with an eye-catching title for an up-coming show of my fine silver work - if you have any ideas, please feel free to post them, it really is appreciated.  This is what we have so far (all with Wearable Art in Fine Silver as a sub heading):

Definitely Not the Oak Island Treasure
By the Light
legacie metallica
The New Gold
Nesregron Nasus

and finally, the latest inspiration from our brainstorm

Mine to Mine

You can vote for your favourite - or add your own.  Many many thanks to all you amazing people out there.

To take a look at the type (not the actual) of work - just follow the link above to,  Cheers.


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