Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Garden of Eden in ArtAscent

Absolutely thrilled to see a couple of images of my work in the August 2016 issue of the international arts and literary journal, Art Ascent. This isn't the first time this fabulous magazine has carried my images, but it's the first time that the images are of my work.  On pages 72 and 73 you'll see Garden and Temptation, two pieces of wearable art (pendants) in fine silver from my new collection: Garden of Eden. A link to the publication is here.

ArtAScent V20

I will be posting more images of the collection (just follow the link 'wearable art in silver' on the right), which is not complete by a long chalk; with a new delivery of FYI silver I'll be busy over the next couple of months. Once complete, the collection will go to the Lilieth Boutique in Liverpool.

In the meantime, be still my beating heart...

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